Purdue Extension
Making a Difference in Warrick County

Interviews Prepare 4-H’ers

Purdue Extension-Warrick County held mock interviews for
4-H members selected as finalists for the Indiana 4-H Accomplishment Scholarships. The goal was to provide 4-H members with interview experience and feedback.

Because of the program:

  • Participants in the mock interviews felt they improved eye contact, communication, and self-confidence

  • Since 2010, Warrick County 4-H members have been awarded $13,500 in 4-H scholarships

Program Empowers Landowners

A Purdue Extension-Warrick County educational series targeted small landowners and the management of their properties. Topics included alternative yard practices; management of woodlands, wildlife, and ponds; small farm opportunities; and invasive species control.

Participants were educated and empowered to assess their property and manage their resources sustainably and economically. One participant said, “Thank you! This program made me realize I need to change some of my management ideas for my woods!”

Workshop Encourages Healthy Habits

Current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans go hand-in-hand and provide important information for developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Purdue Extension Delivers
  • Every $1 spent on the Indiana Family Nutrition Program is expected to create $35.75 in economic returns.

  • In a recent survey, 94% of Indiana 4-H participants graduating from high school planned to pursue post-secondary education.

  • In a similar Midwest state, an independent study concluded that every $1 invested in Extension yielded $15 in economic impact.

  • Beginner's Guide to Grant Writing workshop recipients received more than $7 million in grants to support community projects.

They are the basis for the Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops presented by Purdue Extension-Warrick County.

After the workshops, participants said they plan to change their eating habits based on what they learned. Participants also indicated they would become more active.

Program Helps Family

Because of the Purdue Extension-Warrick County Family Nutrition Program, a family of six now sits down to eat their evening meal together. The mother said she now offers a variety of vegetables and her family now asks for more vegetables, and her children prefer fruit to candy.

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