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 Making a Difference Today and Tomorrow

The future is unpredictable, but it is certain that Indiana’s families, businesses, food producers, and organizations will encounter many opportunities. For more than 100 years, Purdue Extension has provided relevant, meaningful programs that provide Hoosiers with the know-how they need to act on opportunities.

Purdue Extension is looking forward. We and key stakeholders identified eight initiatives that will guide the way we will help create practical, science-based solutions to real issues people face.


These initiatives are designed to:

  • Engage youth through 4-H and other youth-serving organizations to help solve real problems
  • Capitalize on our strengths, including our experience, to accomplish new goals
  • Focus our resources to help us provide meaningful educational programs that address priority needs
  • Enhance the quality of our programs to ensure they deliver impact
  • Build on our commitment to provide programming relevant to the needs of people across Indiana

Read more about the initiatives below, and check this site regularly to check our progress.

The Initiatives


Provide producers and consumers a more complete, science-based understanding of our food systems.

We will develop educational programs that help consumers make the most informed food choices possible, and help farmers better respond to customer needs and demands.

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Improve the efficiency, diversity, and sustainability of food production by evaluating and demonstrating new technologies.

Our applied research, demonstrations, and educational programs will help farmers adopt useful new technologies to feed the world’s growing population.

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Prepare children for academic success through programs and partnerships that strengthen families.

We will develop tools that Indiana families need to prepare children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond with programs that improve nutrition, health, and literacy.

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Reduce human obesity across Indiana through community-based programs.

We will enhance community health coalitions that can help Hoosiers reduce obesity, make healthy food choices, and increase physical activity.

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Help regions, communities, and neighborhoods plan and prepare for a sustainable future.

We will help leaders in at least 10 communities develop planning and decision-making strategies that improve long-term viability.

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Build Indiana’s capacity to conserve its environment and natural resources.

We will help develop and implement strategies that enhance the sustainability of our environment and natural resources, and encourage a science-based public dialogue.

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Develop and support leaders throughout Indiana.

Our goal is to deliver programs that help youth and adults from all segments of the community develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be more effective leaders.

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Expand awareness of global market opportunities for Indiana businesses.

We want to help organizations, businesses, and individuals initiate meaningful and sustainable ventures that expand market reach and better connect with the global community.

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