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"I thought I'd update you on the mammals unit that I just completed with my class.  We had a blast!  We were able to do tracking in our nature center.  We went 2 times, each after a fresh snow.  It was great.  We first read the book, Big Tracks, Little Tracks, so the kids were able to spot rabbit tracks and deer tracks right away.  We found rabbit, squirrel,deer, dog, and bird tracks.  We made note of possible animal habits. When we got back to class the students wrote "children's" stories about the animal tracks we saw and possible stories behind them.  Some were quite good!  Another day we made plaster tracks and they shared their stories.  We also did a couple days on skulls.  They loved The Skull Alphabet Book! I used your poster activity and several kids brought in additional skulls and furs.  They did a good job determining feeding habits from the teeth.  We also looked at the eye orbits and the auditory bullae.  They really liked the activities and must have learned something
because yesterday we had a field trip to the children's museum and I found several of my students talking to the paleontologist about what the different dinosaur skulls told them about possible traits.  We were both impressed!!!!!"

5th grade teacher and participant in the 2009 WILD About Mammals Workshop

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