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 Fee Structure

Service Option:

Service utilizing scanning or transmission electron microscopy including full sample preparation and imaging is available for both internal and external researchers.

•    All investigators are asked to submit a project form for service projects with contact information and account numbers. The faculty advisor must sign these to authorize the facility use.  They may be used for a single experiment or be designated as a blanket permission covering a specific time period and amount. Service projects are charged monthly.  The forms can be downloaded from the facility web site.

•    A university approved charge back system covers all service activities as well as individual user activities.  This rate structure provides for all internal users being charged identically for similar services as required by federal granting agencies. This will be strictly enforced.

•    External users are charged based on a separate rate structure that is competitive with external service providers in the region. The rate system is designed to cover all facility costs including all instrument service charges. 

Some examples of internal rates for routine samples are:
                                    Service                        Trained independent User
TEM imaging:             $48.80/hr                          $28.80/hr
TEM sample prep:       $72.00/3 samples             Consumables when required
SEM imaging:              $52.00/hr                         $32.00/hr
SEM sample prep.       $80.00/3 samples             Consumables  
ICC reaction:               $75/run
Microtomes                 $22/block                         no charge (provide own diamond knife)
High pressure freeze:  $75 base plus $5/shot over 12.

Some samples require additional technical time or procedures that are reflected in final preparation costs.

Additional rates for internal services or those for external users are quoted by the facility director upon request. Contact Chris Gilpin at 765-494-7750 or by E-mail: gilpin@purdue.edu

Independent User Option

•    Researchers may work independently within the facility but must have prior approval. Users are required to have training on all major equipment. For SEM or TEM, this is usually through completion of a formal course or passing of a qualifying exam on the theory of the specific instrumentation. Training on sample preparation equipment is provided as soon as staff can accomodate the request.

•    Faculty members submit account numbers for their authorized students and staff every 6 months or more often if accounts change. Bills for trained independent user are charged every 3 months to the authorized accounts.

•    Individual trained users are asked to provide most of their consumable items such as fixatives and embedding reagents. Buffers, dehydrating agents and small consumable items are provided. There is no charge for using most preparation equipment such as light microscopes and microtomes with the exception of small charges to cover some consumables (sputter coater targets, CPD gases).