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 Equipment - Transmission Electron Microscopes

FEI/Philips CM-100 Transmission Electron Microscope

FEI/Philips CM-100 Transmission Electron Microscope

The CM-10O TEM has a computer controlled objective stage utilizing joy stick operation. It has a magnification range from 20x to 510,000 and accelerating voltage from 40 to 100kV. The liquid nitrogen-cooled decontaminator in the objective lens area minimizes contamination.

Special Features:
Low-dose for automatic shift to new area after focusing or focusing on same are but with low beam intensity to minimize beam damage prior to recording.
Specimen relocation system, Cryo-TEM capable, Teitz F415 4k Slow-Scan CCD camera.

THis microscope is equipped with an Oxford INCA 250 X-MAX 80 silicon drift electron dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX) system with 80mm collection window.  The system is fast, efficient, and much better for identifying low atomic number elements than SiLi systems.


FEI Tecnai G2 20 - coming soon!