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Spotting Scope - March 2012


  • Campomizzi A.J., Morrison M.L., DeWoody J.A., Farrell S.L. & Wilkins R.N. (2012) Win-stay, lose-switch and public information strategies for patch-fidelity of a songbird with rare extra-pair paternity. Scientific Reports. In press.
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  • Thompson, Aaron W., Sarah Dumyahn, Linda S. Prokopy, Shannon Amberg, Adam Baumgart-Getz, JoElla Jackson-Tyree, Rebecca Perry-Hill, Adam Reimer, Kimberly Robinson, Amber Saylor. In Press. Comparing Random Sample Q and R Methods for Understanding Natural Resource Attitudes. Field Methods.
  • Floress, Kristin, Linda Stalker Prokopy, Janet Ayres. In Press. Who’s in Charge: Role Clarity in a Midwestern Watershed Group. Environmental Management.
  • Prokopy, Linda Stalker, Daniel Aldrich, Janet Ayres, Shannon Amberg, Alicia Molloy, Amber Saylor, Aaron Thompson. In Press. Context Matters: The Importance of Local Culture in Community Participation. Journal of Extension
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  • Smyser, T.J., J.E. Duchamp, S.A. Johnson, J.L. Larkin, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. (In Press.) Consequences of metapopulation collapse: Comparison of genetic attributes between two Allegheny woodrat metapopulations. Conservation Genetics.
  • Smith, J. W., Moore, R. L., Anderson, D. H., & Siderelis, C. (In press). Community resilience in Southern Appalachia: A theoretical framework and three case studies. Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal. doi: 10.1007/s10745-012-9470-y
  • Smith, J. W., Leahy, J. E., Anderson, D. H., & Davenport, M. A. (In press). Community/agency trust: A measurement instrument. Society and Natural Resources.

Student News

  • Ken Kellner successfully defended his masters thesis on February 27th.
  • Amin Tayyebi successfully passed his preliminary exam on February 20th.
  • Congratulations to Joshua Shields, who was chosen to be the 2012 recipient of the Committee for Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA) Teaching Award.
  • Congratulations to Christine Keller on receiving the Nutrition Science Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award for 2012!

Department News

  • Congratulation to Ralph Johnson, who just accepted a county agent position with the Montana Extension in Ravalli County. This is the county where he and his wife have a farm. He will be starting April 9. He will be continuing his biomass work at UNL until the end of March. Way to go, Ralph!

Graudate Program News

  • Rebecca Perry-Hill scheduled her preliminary exam for March 30th.
  • Keija Pang scheduled her preliminary exam for April 23rd.
  • Matt Caldwell scheduled his M.S. thesis defense for March 30th.

In the World of Education

Harvard Conference Seeks to Jolt University Teaching
The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Dan Berrett
Cambridge, Mass.

A growing body of evidence from the classroom, coupled with emerging research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, is lending insight into how people learn, but teaching on most college campuses has not changed much, several speakers said here at Harvard University at a daylong conference dedicated to teaching and learning.

Too often, faculty members teach according to habits and hunches, said Carl E. Wieman, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and associate director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, who has extensively studied how to improve science education.

In large part, the problem is that graduate students pursuing their doctorates get little or no training in how students learn. When these graduate students become faculty members, he said, they might think about the content they want students to learn, but not the cognitive capabilities they want them to develop. science education.

In large part, the problem is that graduate students pursuing their doctorates get little or no training in how students learn. When these graduate students become faculty members, he said, they might think about the content they want students to learn, but not the cognitive capabilities they want them to develop. More. . .

'Supergiant' Crustaceans Found Near New Zealand
Analysis by Jennifer Viegas
("Supergiant" Crustacean; Credit for all images: Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, UK)

"Supergiant" amphipods measuring over 13 inches long have just been found in waters north of New Zealand, according to a University of Aberdeen press release.

These enormous shrimp-resembling shellfish are some of the most enigmatic creatures in seas worldwide. These latest finds near New Zealand were discovered nearly 23,000 feet below the water's surface in one of the deepest places in the ocean. More. . .

In the News


Zip Trips

Dr. Krista Nichols, Dr. Rod Williams, Dr. Andrew DeWoody and Amy Lossie collaborated with Agriculture Communications to produce "It's a Gene Thing" for the Purdue zipTrips program. Students go places beyond their own classrooms and take a zipTrip to visit live with Purdue Ag scientists electronically. For more information see, zipTrips.

Note from zipTrips:

Hello, Educators and Technology Specialists!

Here are some fun facts about 'It's a Gene Thing!' zipTrip that you might be interested in sharing with your students before the LIVE event:

  • 125 schools with more than 5,000 across the country have signed up to participate in the program
  • This includes schools in Indiana, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey, California, New York, Arizona, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Vermont, West Virginia, South Carolina, Kansas, Colorado, Maryland, Washington, Florida, Kentucky, Alaska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and more!
  • Usually 50 of those schools participate LIVE today and the others use the recording of the zipTrip later in the school year
  • Anyone can email questions in to the scientists: ziptrips@purdue.edu.
  • We will be testing out a new interactive technology called HotSeat with 8 schools in IN, PA, IA, and TX
  • Our scientists will have live animals in the studio! (listen for some interesting history and facts about the animals)
  • It takes 5 people to run cameras for a zipTrip! (this doesn't even include all of the people in the control room and sending it to the web for you to watch it!)
  • We are very excited to connect with all of you today!

We look forward to hearing from you about your experiences after the zipTrip – we will be sending out a link to a feedback survey after the program, please take time to fill it out!

Jamie Loizzo
Video Producer/Purdue zipTrips Project Manager
615 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Ph: (765) 494-8400
Fax: (765) 496-1548