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 Board of Directors and Officers

2014 Officers

President: Raoul Moore
Vice-president: Lenny Farlee
Secretary: Claude Diehl
Treasurer: Hugh Pence
Executive Director: Liz Jackson

Board of Directors

Three directors serve from each of the five districts around the state plus at large. Their terms are a rotating three years.

IFWOA District Map (PDF: 96KB)

District 1:

  • Claude Diehl
  • Hugh Pence

District 2:

  • Bill Freeman
  • Raoul Moore

District 3:

  • Mark Dunn
  • Robert Woodling

District 4:

  • Jim Wichman
  • Eric Lozier

District 5:

  • Tom Bernhardt
  • Jim Hochgesang

At Large: (any district can be represented)

  • Richard Newton
  • Joe McCurdy
  • Matthew Raver
  • John Montgomery
  • Lenny Farlee