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 IFWOA Committees

  1. Awards Committee
    This committee will administer the Charles Deam Forest Stewardship Award program and any other award program the committee wishes to recommed to the board of directors.

  2. Financial Committee/Treasurer
    This committee will make recommendations on investment of the organization's financial assets taking into account risk versus return. They will also prepare an annual budget with the executive director for the association and present it to the board for approval in the summer before the start of a new fiscal year. They will also oversee capital campaigns as determined by the board.

  3. Annual Meeting Committee
    The purpose of this committee will be to formulate all plans and make the arrangements for the annual meeting and the quarterly meetings of the board of directors.

  4. Membership Committee
    This committee will gather, maintain, and update at least quarterly all relevant information about members and ensure the proper dues and fees are collected from all members. The committee will also formulate and recommend to the board of directors methods and materials with which to attract and keep new members.

  5. Audit Committee
    This committee shall be charged with the responsibility of auditing the financial records, checking account, savings, and other assets of the association and shall deliver to the board a written report of such findings at the next board meeting following the close of the fiscal year.

  6. Professional Forester Directory
    This committee will be responsible for the bi-annual production of the Directory of Professional Foresters. This includes all aspects of solicitation, pricing, production, and distribution.

  7. Nominating Committee
    This committee will present to the board of directors a slate of directors, annually, 90 days before the annual meeting while adhering to the by-laws of the association. Also, the committee will present a slate of officers to the board which include president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

  8. Forestry Liason Committee
    This committee will be responsible for liaison between IFWOA and associated forestry organizations throughout Indiana. This includes groups such as Farm Bureau, IHLA, SWCD's, RC&D Forestry Committees, etc.

  9. IFWOA Advisor
    As charged by the IFWOA by-laws, the state forester or his advisor shall serve the role of advisor to the board of directors in all matters of forestry at the national, state, and local level.

  10. Financial Grant Committee
    This committee will be responsible for identifying and securing sources of financial grants for IFWOA and IFEF.

  11. Communications Committee
    This committee will be responsible for securing public awareness of IFWOA involvement in Indiana forestry issues and for promoting IFWOA as a significant and visible influence within the Indiana forestry community.