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 Events and Announcements


The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment: A Framework for Studying Responses to Forest Management, a General Technical Report published by the Northern Research Station of the US Forest Service, has been released online. This report gives a comprehensive description of the study sites and characteristics of ecological communities prior to the first harvests in 2008. 

Upcoming Events


Past Events

Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Birding Day
June 7, 2014
Morgan-Monroe State Forest Training Center, Martinsville, Indiana

A morning of birding in the field with local birding experts will be followed by an afternoon program highlighting details of bird-related research on the HEE. Registration information and a detailed schedule are available at the link below:

HEE Bird Day 2014 Registration

9th North American Forest Ecology Workshop
June 16 to June 20, 2013
Bloomington Convention Center, Bloomington, Indiana

3rd Annual Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Conference
March 25 and 26, 2009
Abe Martin Lodge, Brown County State Park, Nashville, Indiana

During the morning researcher meeting, each of the HEE Committees gave updates on what had been accomplished in the past year. Future plans were also discussed. The afternoon public session summarized results from the three years of pre-treatment data. Presentations were given by various faculty members and graduate students. The second day involved a field tour to some of the harvest sites. Field sampling demonstrations were given by several graduate students.

HEE 2009 Annual Conference Program (PDF: 328 KB)

2nd Annual Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Conference
April 10, 2008
John S. Wright Center, West Lafayette, Indiana

(Held in conjunction with the 16th Central Hardwood Forest Conference, April 8-9, 2008, West Lafayette, Indiana)

HEE 2008 Annual Conference Program (PDF: 426 KB)

The morning public session summarized results from the first and second years of pre-treatment data collected at Morgan-Monroe and Yellowwood State Forests and reviewed 2008 sampling and timber harvests. The afternoon workshops reviewed the objective hierarchy for the project, post-harvest treatments, future harvests, and future funding source options.

1st Annual Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Conference
March 23, 2007
Indiana Government Center, Indianapolis, Indiana

HEE 2007 Annual Conference Program (PDF: 184 KB)

This conference summarized the results from the first year of pre-treatment data collected at Morgan-Monroe State Forest, presented options for expanding the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment, and reviewed the most current research about forest management and wildlife ecology from leading national experts.

Managing Wildlife for Sustainable Forests - Managing Forests for Sustainable Wildlife
March 3-5, 2005
Indianapolis, Indiana

This Forest Management Conference brought together experts in forest and wildlife conservation to educate others on the status of our ever-changing forest and wildlife resources.